So Close I Can Taste It

18 Oct

Rhinebeck is tomorrow. Yup, in about 18 hours I’m going to be petting all of the sheep and yarn and knitters. Ok, maybe I’ll only pet some of the knitters. I am so excited! I’ve been chatting over twitter and checking the Ravelry boards for when and where to meet everyone, and I’m sure I’m going to forget so hopefully there will be sufficient cell service up there.

Tonight though, I take a train up to Rachel’s parents’ place and we have a pre-Rhinebeck party. Well, there will be knitting. And wine. The rest of the gang is driving up this afternoon, but due to us being one too many to fit in the car, and the fact that I should be a responsible student and actually go to class this afternoon, I’m taking the train up with Amanda and meeting them up there.

I am so close to being finished with my sweater that I can almost taste it. And speaking of tasting wool, why was it only when I was mostly finished with the sweater that I remembered I could spit splice new skeins in? I could have saved myself some end-weaving time! I’ve got about half a button band to knit, then sew that on, knit the collar and sew the ends in. I blocked it on Wednesday night and it’s fitting so well, although I kind of want to pop it in the dryer for a few minutes and see if it fluffs up. Does anyone else have that problem with wet blocking where everything seems so one dimensional afterwards?

Anyway, I’ve got plenty of time on the train and at the house tonight, so I’m really not worried. Oh, and I have to sew buttons on. Right. Slightly more worried now. Wish me luck!

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One Response to “So Close I Can Taste It”

  1. Cassy October 21, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    Can’t wait to see the finished pic! Hope you had lots of fun at Rhinebeck.

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