Rhinebeck: The Haul

4 Nov

Finally it’s here, let’s talk about everything I scored at Rhinebeck. Whenever I go to a marketplace like Rhinebeck, whether it’s a sheep and wool festival or a flea market, I tend to wander around and get a good idea of what’s there before I buy anything. I certainly didn’t walk through all of the stalls at Rhinebeck, but I was patient enough to last past the very first thing that caught my eye. It always seems like the very first stall I walk into I want to buy absolutely everything in it.

I started out by buying fiber. Fiber is a good purchase for two reasons: 1. I just started spinning, so my fiber stash is very small and 2. you can get undyed fibers for very cheap. I had a delusion the month or so leading up to Rhinebeck that I would be good about not spending that much money, seeing as I spent so much while we were on vacation in September (have I blogged about what I got there? No, I don’t think so, I’m terribly behind on everything blog related…).

So in order of purchase (not in order of the picture), the brown undyed fiber is llama from Rhodie Hill Farm. I’ve actually already spun it up and I wish I had gotten more! The green fiber is from Handspun by Stefania, all of her roving is naturally dyed and I have no recollection what type of fiber it is, It was written on the receipt but I must have lost it. Now, Into the Whirled is a company that I have heard many good things about, and I visited the booth with Maria and instantly fell in love with about half of their colorways, both for the stunning colors themselves and for the cute and geeky names. I finally decided on the Inara colorway (from the show Firefly for the uninitiated, check it out!) and Sarah got the same colorway I did on their sock yarn base, we’ll be like fraternal twins! The fiber is a 40% Merino / 40% SW Merino / 20% Silk blend, and I don’t really understand the point of having both non-superwash and superwash merino in there, but I started spinning it last night and it spins like butter. This is the fiber that’s really making me wish I had a spinning wheel!


Now, the only yarn I got was this amazingly vibrant shade of blue in the Fiber Optic Yarns booth. It’a miracle I didn’t walk out with one of every color, a bit of fiber and all of their mini-skein gradients. I managed to escape the stall with just the sock yarn, but I got enough to make some sort of top. I’m trying to be better about not getting single skeins, and actually getting enough of one color to make a garment, because not only do I already have a ton of single skeins, but I really like making garments. I also went to the book signing and got Clara Parkes new book The Yarn Whisperer, now adorned with her gorgeous signature.

The last thing I got was a complete accident, I swear. Someone had stopped me to ask about my sweater, what the pattern was, what yarn I used, if I made any modifications, oh could I have your ravelry username so that I could look up the project page. Well let’s just say I got a little awkward and darted into the closest stall, which happened to be Jennie the Potter. I’ve also heard a lot about Jennie the Potter, and seen the really adorable mugs she made for the Knitty 10 year anniversary, but like Miss Babs, I’ve also heard that her booth is usually swamped and emptied out quickly. When I was in the booth it was just about the end of the day and there was no line at all. I snagged some really cute buttons with a blue pattern on them, thinking they might be an option for my Stonecutters cardigan. But what I really loved was the knit print earrings. I’ve been wearing them non stop since I got them. Honestly, they are so cute, everyone should own a pair.


Watch out for a spinning post soon! I’ve been spinning like a maniac.



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