26 Nov

Chamomile, Mint, Honey Lemon. This is what has gotten me through since my last blog post. I’ve been stressed, sick, studying for a final, cleaning for Thanksgiving and both getting too much sleep and not enough sleep. But throughout all of this, tea has been my continuous companion. Tea has always been my #1, but the beginning of real winter weather always jumpstarts my need for a warm, comforting drink.

Now, I don’t want to talk about what all I’ve been doing since my last post, because it’s not very interesting, doesn’t involve a lot of knitting, and would probably be whiney. However, I do want to talk about my favorite types of tea. But let’s start at the beginning. Growing up, the only tea I remember drinking was very fruity herbal tea, with a lot of sugar. I went through a phase in middle school when I was obsessed with anything flavored strawberry-kiwi and Celestial Seasonings had the most amazing strawberry-kiwi tea that, with the amount of sugar I put in, smelled and tasted similar to when you dissolve the jello packet in hot water. This tea is sadly discontinued, but every now and then I find a strawberry-kiwi juice and it brings me right back to 7th grade.

In high school, when I was living in Australia, my host family got me hooked onto black tea. And of course it started with a lot of sugar and milk (strangely similar to how I got hooked onto coffee). My host family exclusively drank Dilmah Ceylon tea, and you can bet that’s been my favorite black tea ever since, usually with splenda and a bit of half&half. Since then my love of tea has grown exponentially.

Another long-term tea love of mine is the Bigelow Plantation Mint. There are lot of plain mint teas out there, and most of them just don’t do it for me. Peppermint teas are too intense, Mint-Green tea has green tea (ick!), but Plantation Mint is just perfect. For colds that have your throat aching, there’s nothing better than a Honey Lemon “tea”. I would always ask my mom to make one for me when I was sick, just a cup of hot water and three teaspoons of lemon juice and three teaspoons of honey (or a little more!). In the chamomile category, I have to go with the classic Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. And my new obsession is Stash Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, which I was introduced to completely by accident.

And finally, one of the best teas I’ve ever had is a Raspberry Mint tea. Last Christmas Ty’s mom gave us a Teavana sampler pack and the Raspberry Mint was my favorite of the four. It was a loose leaf tea that didn’t even need sugar, and was perfect for right before bed. Soothing, tasty, and no longer carried by Teavana. Of course when I ran out of this tea and realized that I couldn’t get it anymore, I started searching for other options. I bought one off of Etsy, hoping it would work out. My first mug of the tea I used our tea ball tea infuser, and the tea was weak, didn’t taste at all like raspberry and was a huge disappointment. The next time I had it, because of course I had to give it a second chance, I used our Teavana tea pot (also a gift from Ty’s mom), and it was perfect. It tasted just like I remembered the Teavana tea tasting. It’s from Tea Hounds Tea Company and I encourage all of you to buy it if you want the most relaxing cup of tea you’ll ever have. Buy it for yourself, buy it for friends and family. You know I’ll be stocking up on it, just in case.

Apparently I have a lot to say on the subject of tea! What’s your favorite?

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One Response to “Tea”

  1. K. A. Jordan November 26, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

    Besides plain green tea, I really like Sleepy Time, Tension Tamer and Constant Comment. I drink tea in the winter, not in the summer, which is opposite most of the people I know. Good post!

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