Fresh off the needles

1 Dec

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! And Hanukah too if that’s your thing. Ty and I were hosting Thanksgiving at our apartment in Brooklyn, our second time ever hosting a holiday. We had both my parents and Ty’s parents, and then some other friends in the area that weren’t going home.

My dad and my father-in-law carving the 14 pound turkey.

My dad and my father-in-law carving the 14 pound turkey.

It went off without a hitch and now our fridge is so full of leftovers, but I don’t think we’ll mind eating turkey and mashed potatoes all week. Ty’s the cook, so all I had to do was help out where I could and try to keep him from panicking. Well, I also made cheesecake and caramels for dessert. Every time I make the apple cider caramels I think that it should be a weekly thing, cause they’re so good!

One of the problems of having both sets of parents over, was that I needed to find something other than Christmas knitting to work on while they were here. I’d been thinking for a while about what I could work on, because everything I have on the needles right now is Christmas presents. Then it hit me, I’ve been saying for weeks now that I should really knit some socks for myself, and I knew just the yarn to use.


You may recognize this yarn when I tried to make it into a scarf,¬†twice. Well, I was never really impressed with how it turned out, but I still loved the colorway. It’s Wandering Wool Rock Creek Sock in a one of a kind colorway. I knit these socks cuff down with a heel flap and gusset that I made up on the fly. These are now my Thanksgiving socks not only because they were started and finished this week, but because the colors actually look like Thanksgiving decorations to me. It kind of reminds me of the turkey pictures that little kids draw by tracing their hands.


I’ve been knitting like a maniac for the last day or so trying to finish the second one by the end of the weekend because I just wanted to wear them so badly! I keep telling Ty that they’re so warm and comfy and I love wool socks so much and he just looks at me with an expression that says “Duh!”.

If you’re in the States, how was your holiday week? And if you’re not, you should eat some turkey anyway, it’s good for you!

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One Response to “Fresh off the needles”

  1. Cassy December 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm #

    Love the socks! I’m glad you got to work on some knitted luxury for yourself, because it sounds like you’re taking on quite a bit of selfless Christmas knitting too.

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